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Mr Kang's Class


Transcend antiquated ways of rote learning and ineffective studying.

  • At e&p, we cultivate a deep self-awareness in each learner, value clarity in concept-building, and construct a conducive culture of mindful practice.

  • In the e&p classroom, there is no room for self-deception. We propel students to confront their areas for improvement with honesty, courage and a zeal for learning.​​​

  • It is in this genuine spirit of education that we enable each student to fill in all gaps undermining their foundation in Mathematics, no matter how small or large the gaps.

Individual-Centric Learning


We appreciate that every student is unique.

  • Weary of the lack of progress within the massive classroom? Tired of the monotony of copy-paste solutions without true understanding? At e&p, we keep our group sizes small for maximum, quality attention on each student. 

  • Learn on your terms, your pace: Be it learning at an accelerated or slower pace, our coaches tailor their teaching to each student's needs, for no two students are the same.​

  • Shaky foundation? Fret not, we are more than happy to fill in the gaps for our students. Revisit any topic, at any point in time. ​No shame. 

  • Each and every student matters to us. Restore your individuality with us today.  

Mr Kang's Smart+Math


Our rich experience is your asset to be.

Our head coach, Conrad Kang, has coached innumerable batches of students, and from a variety of educational backgrounds.


His broad experience stretches across academic streams and educational systems: primary school to junior college, mainstream math to olympiad math. 

You name it, he has taught it.​ Need we say more?


We are a treasure chest of engaging materials.

Learning Mathematics can be dry. Beyond the interesting delivery of lessons, we use engaging educational tools and in-house videos to make learning more palatable.


Sturdy Foundation + Passionate Learning at e&p = Mathematical Success

Primary School - Junior College Mathematics

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