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Testimonials: Testimonials
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"We first approached Ms Amanda Lian in early 2021 after Julian started primary school. We noticed he lacked motivation and was often unwilling to listen to us when explaining mathematical concepts for his school assignments.

Being an ex-student of Ms Lian myself, I had first-hand experience how effective the teaching methods are. I felt the key strength of E&P lies in its pedagogy, which centres around developing a passion for learning and building strong relationships and respect between the teachers and students. Ms Lian is always firm in expectations, yet warm and encouraging towards all her students.

After 10 months with E&P, we saw an improvement in Julian's attitude towards learning. No more complaining about how hard an assignment without even starting on it. His focus and processing skills have progressed, and he gained so much confidence in the subject! Thank you for your dedication, Ms Lian! We truly appreciate everything you have done for us."

Judy Chen, Parent of Julian, E&P Alumni

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"I had a lot of fun learning math because of Kang Laoshi. He makes sure that I understand each topic completely before going on to the next one.

He made math very easy to understand and I have almost never struggled with math thanks to him.

Classes with kang laoshi are very enjoyable because it is not stressful and there are a lot of learning tools that make learning math more fun. Moreover, the lesson is not too long and the workload is not too much.

Kang laoshi also teaches very patiently. I like how he teaches topics before we actually learn it in school so that I won’t be so lost during school lessons. In short, Kang laoshi is a really good teacher and I enjoy having lessons with him!

Julia Ng, Student


Celeste's journey with E&P through these 9 years has been phenomenal - it has inspired and guided her to find success and joy in Math. Lian Lao Shi's bubbly and patient character inspired her interest in math via the Mental Arithmetic course. Through these courses,Celeste has obtained numerous awards and certificates which has helped greatly when she went for her DSA interview.

Progressing on to Kang Lao Shi's Smart +Math brought her Math standard to even greater heights by helping to identify the problems faced and formulates a plan to overcome it. As such, in her primary school days, she has always been the top 3 in her cohort and has done well in her PSLE. Moreover, Celeste always looks forward to her weekly class.

I highly recommend to parents who wish to make a difference to your child's academics. Thank you to the teachers of E&P for nurturing my daughter's genuine interest in learning.

Tracy Tay, Parent of Celeste


"I used to be a student of Lian Lao Shi and now both my boys are also Lian Lao Shi's and Mr Kang's students. They are the most dedicated and passionate teachers who truly care about the development of their students. The classes and syllabi stretch the student's cognitive capabilities.

With the nurturing and engaging style of Lian Lao Shi's teaching, I had benefitted from E&P's pedagogy from a young age and now my children are experiencing the same advantages I had -- from not really knowing numbers to being able to process complex maths independently."

Eileen, Parent of Philip and Richard, E&P Alumni


"Words are certainty not enough to express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude towards Lian Lao Shi, Kang Lao Shi and Ms Gan. 

Seeing both of my children grow and develop into better versions of themselves under the guidance of all teachers, I can say choosing E&P is one of the best choices I made for them.

Not only do the children benefit from the different courses @E&P, parents also get to learn, understand themselves and their children better from the Braineee programme.​


Ms Ang, Satisfied Parent of Phoebe and Caden


"I was a former student of Ms Lian when she first started E&P school in Singapore. I learnt abacus from Ms Lian for a few years and the training helped make me work through things quicker over the years.

At 4-5 years old, my daughter came for a Braineee trial and enjoyed the class. She enjoyed Ms Lian's style of teaching , her enthusiasm and spontaneity, so much that she requested for Ms Lian's abacus class pretty soon after. The content of the Braineee course is well thought out and allows the children to pick up various skills that are applicable in everyday life and in school work. There can never be a dull moment in Ms Lian's lessons.

My daughter moved on to Smart+ Math after she completed the abacus course. She also enjoyed Mr Kang's lessons as he goes with her pace of learning. Once she is able to grasp the Math concepts, he moves on to the next/more advanced topics even though it hasn't been taught in school and vice versa, he will slow down, if he realises that there are gaps in foundation, to ensure complete understanding of the topic before moving to the next topic. "

Aw Ching Ching, Parent of Lorelle, E&P Alumni


"Mr Kang has helped me greatly in mathematics by fundamentally changing my perception towards it for the better. Through all of the practices he assigned me, and his thorough and skilful explanation for every single question I asked him, I realised that Mathematics is a subject to be loved rather than be to dreaded. Mathematics is like a language, another unique way to express our creativity without words, as there is more than one correct solution for each question; something which Mr Kang emphasises and demonstrates very well. The process of figuring out the best solutions, once dreaded, became enjoyable.

Mr Kang also taught me topics ahead of the school curriculum so that I have a good grasp on the subject and stayed ahead of the curve.

Going to Mr Kang's classes always makes me smile, not only because is he humorous, he is motivating: He rewards students who improve significantly. I remember that he awarded me a beautiful, exquisite notebook for improving from a B to an A in my P4 Mathematics.  

Yet, he does not solely focus on our academics. He also focuses on our holistic development, general well being, and rewards students who honest with their mistakes, in order to help them learn better and be courageous with their own flaws."

Thanks to Mr Kang, I clinched all A1s for my O Level Additional Maths and Maths. I will always remember Mr Kang as the best tuition teacher I could ever ask for because he taught me more than mathematics but also guided me on how to be a bright and wholesome person, just like himself! 

Norah Neo, Student Empowered by E&P


"I have been in e&p for quite some time and I believe that it really helped me in many aspects of math.

e&p gives me an opportunity to further grow my strengths and allows me to learn math at a suitable pace to my needs. They customise teaching methods to strengths of students and make sure no one is left behind .

Moreover, Mr Kang always made sure to explain the reason as to how and why formulas were written and made the way they are (something that many schools would leave out).

I believe this centre would be helpful to every student whether they are looking to improve or looking to further their understanding in Math!"

Narella Widjaja, Student, MGS


"Our experience with E&P is unlike any we have seen. The kids who attend the classes are usually seen leaving with happy smiling faces.My child enjoyed the classes very much.

Not only that, the teachers are beyond my expectations. Both Ms Amanda Lian and Mr Kang's dedication and experience in this educational field are unmatched. They do not shy away from communicating with us parents. In fact, other than teaching well, they are constantly closely observing our kids and updating us on the child's progress."

Victoria, Mother of Chloe and Charlotte


"After 2 years with E&P, I must say that E&P is an excellent education enrichment choice. It is not only a fun place for learning for the kids, it is also a supportive environment for both the children and parents. The expertise of the teachers is outstanding. The curriculum is well designed. We simply love their holistic approach to education, as well as the psychological aspects of children of different age groups being incorporated in this centre. We are truly thankful to the teachers of E&P!"

Mr Lim, Father of Chloe and Charlotte

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"Ashlynn and Ashden have been taking lessons from E&P for more than 5 years now. From Braineee to Mental Arithmetic to Smart+Math, we are happy to have experienced and attentive teachers like Ms Lian and Mr Kang to keep the learning environment lively and engaging for the kids. On top of that, they are able to assess and identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual’s learning abilities and offer useful advice to parents on how to help the kids at home. E&P has helped to prepare Ashlynn and Ashden well for their learnings in primary school and both of them still enjoy attending the classes till this day."

Dennis Tee, Parent of Ashlynn and Ashden


"As an ex-student of Lian Lao Shi, I recall mental arithmetic (MA) was my favourite enrichment class. She was, and still is, very engaging and makes learning fun!

When my firstborn showed interest in numeracy, I brought him to Lian Lao Shi and his love for numbers grew after attending MA class. My young daughters also started MA lessons recently and I have seen them developing sound understanding of numbers quickly despite their young age.

My son also attends Braineee class. There are many topics covered during the course, which have been helpful in training him to use both left and right brain. I am thankful for the “bonus” after every Braineee class, where Lian Lao Shi shares on each child’s strengths & weaknesses, and highlight any areas of learning/developmental concern, so that as parents, we are aware and may pay closer attention to guide our children better. Thank you Lian Lao Shi!"

Shi Shi, Parent, E&P Alumni

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"Caleb was able to learn abacus and mental arithmetic effectively under Ms Gan's patient and gentle guidance, and the skills picked up will be useful for him as he begins his primary school journey!"

Mindy Teo, Parent of Caleb

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"My son has completed E&P's abacus course. He always receives top grades in his school math classes and he is known for his quick calculation skills in school, thanks to E&P's mental arithmetic course!

E&P's abacus and mental arithmetic course enabled him to master his mental arithmetic skills in fun and enjoyable ways. He was always looking forward to going to class and he was even a bit disappointed and sad when he had completed everything!"

Lee Sun Hwa, Parent of Chanjoo


I’ve been sending my sons to E&P for lessons for around 8 years now. Originally recommended by a friend, I wasn’t sure how these lessons would impact my children. After all, it’s quite rare that the lessons at learning centres would be both effective and progressive.

However, I was pleased to find out that both of my children felt that the lessons offered at E&P were useful in terms of honing their skills (regardless of whether these were real life skills such as their memory, or their ability to solve mathematical equations), and were well suited to their individual needs.
The latter came as much of a surprise as both of them
have vastly different needs in terms of their aptitude.

Overall, I am extremely grateful to the teachers of my sons (Ms Lian and Mr Kang) for being able to bring out the best in them in terms of their learning abilities. I would highly recommend all parents/guardians to, at the very least, try out one of the programmes offered, and experience for yourselves the massively positive impact that these lessons can have on your children/wards.

Vicky, Parents of Zheng Kai and Zheng Yu

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